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During my senior year of college I briefly dated a girl who was in her Sophomore year. I had regretted the decision, but was about to embark on my career so I had a lot of other things going on in my life.

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Fast forward 2 years and I had been in and out of several relationships, and not really satisfied about my overall dating life. I was starting to get that biological itch where I was wanting to start a family, but was having a hard time meeting the right person.

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I would often think about the girl from college and was always disappointed that I was unable to connect with other people the same way I did with her. MySpace was popular at the time and a coworker of mine convinced me to create an account. Within 2 weeks of being on MySpace I get a message from the girl from college. Initially she was just saying hello and catching up on things, asking me what I had been up to and whatnot.

I started asking her about her life and what she had been up to and she told me that she had dropped out of college shortly after I left, because she found out she was pregnant. My mouth went completely dry and I felt my body go cold.

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I was like, what do I type next. So I did the obvious thing and asked who the father was. Her next response was to message me her phone number and asked if I could call her. Thinking back on it my heart starts to race all over again. Before dialing that number I already knew that my life was about to change. So I called and the basics of the conversation were that she believed the child is mine and I agreed to meet up with her for a paternity test.

I did the test and he was indeed mine. She lived about an hour away so I would see her and my son as often as I could. I loved every minute of time I spent with them and eventually told her that I love her and wanted them to move in with me. We have been married now for 3 years and have a little girl on the way. Awwww this is so incredibly sweet! How come she didn't contact you when she found out though?

I can kinda see her thinking, since you were just about to start your career, maybe she thought you'd have resented her for "holding you back", so to say. But it seems like it all worked out for the best at least! Wow, that is one hell of a sacrifice on her end. Good luck moving forward, it sounds like you two are happily in love. That is so wholesome. I loved reading bits of your story. I hope you continue to have a great life with your sweetheart: Oh man, I was really expecting the ending of this story to totally go the opposite way, but I'm happy that it turned out the way it did.

Good for you and your growing family. Congrats on the seemingly happy life! But my mom was pregnant within 6 months of dating my dad. They got married in September, my sister was born in March. Two more kids and 31 years later, they are still married.

But they have nothing in common and I honestly question whether they would have ended up married otherwise. Are they at least happy together? I've been in relationships before where we've had nothing in common, but being together was enough to make us happy. You can do your hobbies with other people, but you can't sleep with other people something I read the other day that really shook my worldview a little - my money is on them having a decent connection in other ways even though they don't share the same interests.

Years later, when we were married, she confessed that she did not want that baby to be born because it was not the baby of her ex-boyfriend. I had to re-read that a couple times despite the emphasis.

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That's shitty, man, I'm sorry. There were two ways to read it really. One is that he as the current husband was the ex-boyfriend mentioned which was how I initially read it saying she cheated early on. The other is that she really missed her ex prior to him. We have no refreshments and no one can sleep a full night. May the birth be complication free and the holding of your child in the next few hours be amazing.

For your partner, hold her hand tight, remind her to focus on her breathing.

Pregnant After 2 Months Dating

Take the time in between contractions and moisten a flannel to place on her forehead as required. Do not take anything she says to heart, when everything is happening. Tell her times she is doing amazing, even if she is struggling and argues with you that it is too hard and that she can't do it. Tell her how proud you are of how well she is doing when she needs to give that next push. I might be wrong.

And if I am, hopefully she shows the comment to her partner. It's the best advice I have having gone through the experience a couple of times. Yo get some puppy pee pads from the pet store for your change table. They're the same thing as baby pee pads except way cheaper lol.

First of all, the guy already has a baby with another woman, and has for a year or so. Second, he's cheated on her like three times in the half a year they've been together. Third, they've broken up at least three times that I'm aware of. She deals pot and when she didn't, she had a hard time holding down the simplest of jobs Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's, McDonalds because of poor attendance. She has also been to the psych ward for depression a number of times.


Honestly if I were to message her right now and ask her if she's with the guy right now or not, it'd be a total coin flip. I would quantify both of them as total psycho's. The reason they got pregnant is because they thought the pull out method was sufficient birth control even though me and this girl went to the same health class so she should know as well as I do that that is not the case.

Well, I guess she knows now. It's like watching a train-wreck in super slow motion. The reason I'm in the know is because my wife is friends with her. For a long time before all this particular nonsense she tried to help her get on track get her license, work on staying at a job, etc but then had to focus on her own life college, getting a house, married and her friend just couldn't manage being an adult on her own I guess. They're still good friends but me and my wife spend a lot of our time wondering how she even exists. We already have a verbal agreement that no one will ever be living with us under any circumstances.

We value our privacy too much. Get that in writing. I ended up dealing with a dead beat living in my couch after my ex swore "no way in hell will my druggie brother be around us". There are situations that make abortion seem like a smart choice.

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  5. This is one of those situations Honestly when she asked me and my wife what to do my wife sugar coated it and was like "the decision is yours, but just know kids are VERY expensive and you will NOT have a social life. I was blunt as fuck. Lol I woulda been too. You gotta think about the kid's future and that one looks like it'll be fucked with those parents.

    Yeah, that's how I see it, and was one of the things I brought up.

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    I don't know why she thinks going through with it is a good idea, all I can do is hope that by the grace of divine intervention she manages to turn her life around and create a good environment for this kid to grow up in. Got my girlfriend pregnant after knowing each other for 6 weeks. We have a 2 year old daughter and our 3 year anniversary is in a couple weeks.

    We own a house together and both have respectable careers.