Today, she makes a living from photography and currently has an exhibition in London of her shots of her showbusiness friends. She has never remarried and lives alone with her cat following her split last year from long-term lover Rod Weston, a property developer.

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Her publishers will, of course, love the fact that both their books, with their different recollections of the same events, will be coming out at the same time. He is telling his story, Pattie is telling hers. He also admitted that Clapton has insisted on censoring his version of rock history. Time will tell if Clapton feels so well disposed to his ex once he reads the no-holds-barred revelations of the woman he immortalised in song.

No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Pattie's revenge on Eric Clapton Last updated at Pattie was kept in the dark about the baby. Clapton gave up drink for good, but the couple eventually divorced in Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos Diana's former bodyguard on Prince Philip's crash: From the fur hat mistaken for a dead cat to the toy EU chief Donald Tusk says David Turkish doner kebab chef is arrested on suspicion of I too was scammed.

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Each tribe must retrieve items attached to an underwater rope, with each progressive item being deeper than the one before it. The first tribe to retrieve all their items and finish a final task wins the challenge. With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log.

Offshore Fishing Seminar Set for February 25-28

The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. After a set amount of time, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win. Players must stack all of their pieces like a line of domino tiles while avoiding tripwires that would topple the tiles that were already stacked.

Once all of the blocks have been properly stacked, the castaway would start a chain reaction which would be enough to trigger a mechanism that will release a ball rolling to a bowl, releasing a flag. The first castaway to raise their flag would win.

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The first to do so wins. Each tribe will race to fill a large bucket with several holes on the side with water. They will then transport the bucket through a series of obstacles and dispose of the water into a large troth. The first tribe s to fill their troth and raise their tribe flag win the challenge.

Survivors must race to obtain puzzle pieces out in the water.


They would swim down and unhook the piece, then bring it back to the tribe. Once all the pieces are back, they would solve the puzzle.

Captain Eric Stewart

All castaways are stationed at a fire scale. Each structure is a seesaw with two buckets. One end has a bucket for building a fire, while the other has a bucket filled with water but with a hole at its base.

The castaways first start a fire in the fire bucket. Then, once the flame is sustainable, the castaways fill the water bucket with water from a nearby river or ocean. When there is enough water, the weight of it lifts the fire bucket up to reach a fuse.

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The first castaway to light their fuse, igniting a fire at the top of the scale, wins the challenge. The castaways would compete in a bowling tournament. Each castaway would be randomly matched against another castaway and given two rolls. The castaway who knocks down the most pins moves on to the next round. The remaining castaways would compete in another round and so forth until a winner is determined.

Survivors must race to remove rocks that are piled up inside the tribes boat sunken at the bottom of the ocean. Once enough rocks are removed, the tribes would race to bail out the water and paddle to shore. First tribe to reach the finish would win. Castaway must retrieve sea water with a bucket and throw to a tribemate. The final tribe member must catch the water itself in another bucket, and use it to fill a jar. The tribes must repeat this until they have enough weight in their jar to lower it to the ground, sending a lit flame up to a fire tower.

Each castaway begins the challenge with to wooden tiles.

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Using the tiles, they must build a house of cards up to a certain height. The first person to reach this target height would win. However, if there is a specified time limit, the person with the tallest house of cards when time expires would win. Given an ample amount of fire-making essentials, contestants are to make a flame high enough to burn through a rope, raising a flag in some cases, light a torch.

First player to do so wins the challenge. Facing off one against one in a fenced off circle, a castaway from each tribe would hold a wooden idol on top of a platform that they would hold in one hand. The castaway whose idol hit the ground last would score one point for their tribe.

The tribes must race through an obstacle course while retrieving bags with balls. At the finish, one person for each tribe must balance on a beam while attempting to maneuver a ball through a maze of holes to the top. The first tribe to get all three balls to the top wins. Castaways must race to obtain ladder rungs either buried in sand or stored in a chest. When they have their rungs, they will build a ladder and climb up to the top.

The first person to finish wins. The castaways must race through a course to a giant tower. They will then have to release two sets of stairs or ladder rungs to reach the top of the tower. At the top, the first castaway to solve their puzzle wins immunity. While harnessed together, the two competing tribes will circle around an oval course either in shallow water or on land while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each or similar heavy load. Players can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their weight to a tribemate before unclipping themselves from the rope.

The first tribe to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins.