Teach her how to please a man, introduce her to the dick, and she'll turn into a first class whore. She will be willing to do everything. You can practice on her anything you like. It is your job to sex her. I'm also wondering about this I'll subscribe to the thread. Freshman girls are good.

My girl was a freshman and I was a senior when we started dating. If people respect you they'll respect the relationship. Pain is weakness leaving the body. I wouldn't do it once you turn Whatever you do, don't compare yourself to people, compare yourself to the mirror. I wish I could same the same about you and your crew of flunkies; want some grapes? As you grow up, you'll come to find out how little age matters.

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It's the quality of the woman you are getting. My gf is 24, a full 8 years younger than me.

Dating Freshman

I met her when she was 17, I wouldn't date her until she was legal. She's everything I've ever wanted. We've been together for going on 8 years now.

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  5. She's gorgeous, into fitness, loves to work out with me at 5: She drags me to yoga so I can stare at all the hotties bending into various shapes. She doesn't mind, as she's also into women and is too busy staring at them to notice where my eyes are. She's always on the lookout for girls to bring home to play with. I gotta say, she's got quite good taste, too.

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    And besides all that, she's the smartest girl I've ever met. She graduated HS with a 4. She doesn't think emotionally like most women do. She reason's her way through problems, and is the more organized than I will ever be in my life. She has an incredible work ethic and accels at anything she does. I have full custody of my kids, 9 and Their teachers always give her dirty looks cause she's so young and cute, but she just laughs it off.

    She's a great mother and never had to lose her figure for it. Now, if you figure I was out of HS for 4 years when she was a freshman, I still wouldn't trade her for the world. You could have a 13 year old entering high school and getting involved with an already 18 year old senior. From a legal standpoint, that's statutory rape if there is sex. Yet these students are interacting regularly, could be traveling together for sporting events or clubs, etc, and could be socializing at parties The list goes on.

    I remember plenty of freshman-senior relationships when I was in high school. Usually the freshman was the girl, but I distinctly remember the reverse in 2 cases. Would you support a relationship with that age gap? What if your child was the younger one and just hitting puberty?

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    Would that make a difference? I'd have a bigger problem with the actual ages than with the class of the individuals. You also will have freshmen who had been held back in elementary who are older than the other freshmen. My girls aren't allowed to date until at least 16 and their dates have to be their age group. I wouldn't support a year-old dating an year-old. I did exactly that when I was in high school, I was 14 he was We got caught and he got charged. I felt horrible, we both knew the risks but we did it anyway It definitely stunted his life having to register.

    I think in a situation like this the age is complicated.. Because there is the assumed "maturity" of high school and each grade seems equivalent taking class with one another it's hard to keep the separation. I would interfere with the relationship to the extent of ending it because the older individual will lose everything consensual or not. I would not call the police but definitely convince them from it.

    One of the many reasons I was grateful that our school system had grades as junior high and was high school. It eliminated that issue. But I was a junior, dating a senior. I was 16 and he was 19 started school late and was held back a year. He was a good kid and both our parents were ok with it after a big, and embarrassing at the time, meet and greet.

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    My HS was very small and news spread about a senior boy dating a freshman girl. Most were turned off by the mere suggestion but I clearly remember one of the male teachers pulling him aside and telling him that it was wrong and would only lead to trouble. To me that's gross. She didn't even go to our school.

    Here they have a law the protects such relationships. Our school mascot was the Trojan and other schools called our cheerleaders the marching mothers because without fail at least 1 of the cheerleaders falls pregnant every year. There's also some rumor about our school having the highest birthdate for students nationwide.


    I really couldn't support that she gap. There is such a tremendous difference in development and maturity. An 18 year old should be preparing to go off to college or enter the job market.

    A 13 year old should be drinking juice boxes and swooning over Justin Beiber. If it were my daughter or son I would not allow it. In my opinion an 18 year old man should not be interested in a 13 year old girl.

    Is it wrong for a high school senior to date a freshman?

    Followed up with strict rules for my child. It's more age than grade. In high school, one of my senior friends was He failed twice in elementary school because he was from another country and didn't speak English. I started school early and was 13 when I started dating an 18 year old. I was madly in love. He told me he was 16 and it wasn't until my parents went to the police that his real age came out.