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Lenny and Squiggy take the girls to a posh restaurant, where Squiggy sees his date with another guy at the same restaurant. Shirley discovers that Abe Lincoln once slept in the house, suggests they have the house marked as a piece of history, and ultimately saves the building. But when their pilot faints at the controls, they end up flying it. In the end, the girls make a pact and agree to never let a guy come between them again. Also, Lenny and Squiggy are caught aboard as stowaways and sent back to shore.

They bet Rosie that they can not only meet Fabian, but have their pictures taken with him, too.

Laverne & Shirley/Dating Slump - The TV IV

Rosie agrees saying that if she loses she'll clean the girls flat with her toothbrush. Needless to say Rosie is soon scrubbing the floors, toothbrush and all. Squiggy does his human fly stunt as the countdown to the new year. To help her chances of getting to know the mortician better Laverne asks Shirley to pretend she is dying.

The girls then try to find a new home for 'Buttercup' before she's turned into glue.

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In the end Lenny and Squiggy save the day by finding a farmer with a nice pasture who's willing to let the horse live out the remainder of it's days in contentment. Lenny falls for Edna's daughter not realizing that she's slow. Edna goes mad when she finds out that her little girl was out with Lenny, not realizing that her daughter is a lot more capable than she gives her credit for. Shotz wants the girls to find a spot in the talent show for his no talent nephew.

As a favor to Shirley, Laverne allows Shirley's dentist brother to fix the tooth. The only problem is he's a lousy dentist and Laverne can't let on that he's doing a terrible job as Shirley's brother's boss is watching every move he makes. Ladies Auxiliary Milwaukee Police. In her dream , they marry Lenny and Squiggy, who are also still single, so they can have some fun.

Of course they end up ruining it for Carmine so in the end Frank and Edna lend him the money. Laverne's Grandmother, Frank's mother, takes a liking to Squiggy and treats him like a son. She's on stage at a lodge meeting going through her act when her memory returns just in the nick of time. They believe that the guys are inviting them for dinner at their posh flat, but they really want to hire the girls as maids for the evening.

In the end, Carmine comes to the rescue by offering a free dance lesson to anyone who'll adopt a dog. In the end, all the dogs find homes. She becomes convinced that she was adopted and goes wild with Laverne trying to find documented information about her birth.

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When the day comes, the girls greed takes over and they only end up with one item each. When Shirley finds out, she tells Laverne to talk to Lenny before he gets hurt. Unfortunately Shirley falls for him too which leads to the girls friendship being tested to the limits.

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  7. This episode was directed by Penny Marshall. Laverne tries to act like a southern belle.

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    Babbish is given a deadline to fix it or pay a fine. The girls end up arguing, and getting soaked in a huge vat of beer.

    Laverne and Shirley get the two friends to make up. Laverne and Shirley end up singing at their wedding in an all black gospel choir.

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    Unfortunately when they get there, they find out that half of their hotel room is missing and they will have to share the room with another woman. The director starts filming the movie and the girls find out they're playing hookers. This episode has the famous Shirley Feeney scarf dance. The girls attend a class reunion where they meet an old classmate who's gone from being wild to being a nun. Although she's only been dating him for two months, Laverne decides to marry her boyfriend.

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    The girls have a disastrous double-blind date. Shirley drives everyone cuckoo with her mothering of her pet canary. Shirley's exact dating standards have left her dateless.

    Laverne is jealous of Shirley's promotion. Laverne goes undercover as a decoy to help catch a thief. Lenny and Squiggy move into the girls' building, becoming their new neighbors. A German deliveryman Peter Eibling faints in the girls' apartment, leading them to assume he's dead.

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    Cindy Williams married singer Bill Hudson in and soon became pregnant with their first child. Even as her pregnancy progressed, however, she was still working 14 hour days and eventually had to have a hospital bed provided on the set so that she could lie down in between takes. When the producers refused to reduce her workload and even had her scheduled to tape on her due date, Williams left the show. Eddie Mekka had been a successful Broadway performer when he moved to Hollywood to try his hand at television. Since his background was in musical theater, his Carmine character was given the occasional song-and-dance number on the show.

    Once in the Big Apple, he takes an apartment with a group of aspiring actors where wacky hijinks would certainly have ensued, had the show been picked up as a series. Lists Pop Culture tv. Subscribe to our Newsletter!