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I'm talking about the guys who go to Ryerson University. Ryerson guys just do it better. They know all the best bars, clubs and events because they've been to most of them.

9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Ryerson Girl - Narcity

But who can really blame them when their campus is located in the middle of downtown Toronto? At Ryerson, there is no room for close-minded individuals.

Ryerson University is in the heart of a progressive city, which rubs off on its students. At Ryerson, everyone really is one, big Ramily. After all, being supportive and accepting are favourable attributes in any relationship. When you ask a guy from Ryerson what he's studying, you could get a number of different responses.

He could be in business, criminology, architectural science or anything at all. Ryerson has so many different and unique programs and is know for its hands-on approach to them. He will open your eyes to his world, whether that's engineering or arts or something in-between. On the topic of Ryerson's unique programs, the guys who are enrolled in them are both well educated and have the real-world experience to back it up. Maybe it's just me, but I think Ryerson's student body is one good looking group.

Ryerson guys are definitely not followers. They are the types of guys who take charge of any situation - they are leaders. They are able to listen to others, make difficult decisions and take responsibility for their actions, making them ideal candidates for not only boyfriends but also members for dreaded group projects. Ryerson guys believe in what they are doing socially, academically etc and that passion rubs off on others. And if you're lucky enough to get an invite to his apartment, that's a pretty good deal. So what if it's on a sketchy street like Jarvis or Gerrard?

Ryerson girls do it better.

You won't need to pay for expensive cab rides home after a night out when your bae lives right in the middle of downtown Toronto. However, don't think this means you can start treating your Ryerson guy like a hotel.

He spends a lot of time downtown so he most likely knows a handful of new restaurants you've never even heard of that will be perfect for date night followed by a Rams basketball game of course. The city is his playground; he's thoroughly explored it and is ready to share his favourite spots with you. Every single Ryerson guy is original.

Ryerson guys make the best boyfriends.

Looking for a lover who must love dogs? Seeking out singles who have thick, luscious beards? Yep, you guessed it.

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